Project Details

  • Logos and graphics to support events and products
  • Wireframe and digital concepts.
  • Icons, flags
  • Design concepts

Project Gallery

  • MOBIS_Graphic_asset
  • Haute_jewelry_asset
  • Icons_assets
  • Logos_asset.
  • Page_nav_assets
  • Vid_play_asset


Common Objectives

  • Visual excitement, tells the story.
  • Web safe colors and processes designed for all browsers.
  • Taste, simplicity, speaks for the brand.
  • Shows the product and selection choices clearly.
  • Small sizes, fast loading, accessable.

Client Feedback

During the redesign process Catherine's services were not limited to website design; in addition to many other things, she also helped us to redesign our logo, and helped us to make the content on our website clear and web search friendly.

Brownsville Community Foundation



Graphics, website and other digital assets exceeded the expectations clients. In a short amount of time, I complete requests on time and on budget.

Like to know more?

What motivates me?

  • Authentic leadership
  • Open communication
  • Learning opportunities
  • Positive team experience
  • Success oriented
  • Family environment

Need to talk to me?

Cell Phone: (713) 489-5932
Fax: (813) 944-4983
Email: Catherine Funderburg

Full Resume

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