Digital assets

Digital graphics consists of optimized photos, logos, newsletter layouts, email layouts, web based images such as banners, tower ads, flags and icons. 

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Digital campaign support

Creation and management of project plans, SOW, RFPs, prepared scope of work, wireframes, presentations, timelines, and all concerns with delivery, process, and quality.

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Digital solutions

AC4S is a longstanding company that I work with. This company is close to my heart because they are veterans trying to "make it happen." This company started out with a tiny HTML website and I have grown their digital branding by creating logos, slider images, menus structure, sprites, Flash graphics.

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What motivates me?

  • Authentic leadership
  • Open communication
  • Learning opportunities
  • Positive team experience
  • Success oriented
  • Family environment

Need to talk to me?

Cell Phone: (713) 489-5932
Fax: (813) 944-4983
Email: Catherine Funderburg

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