Hello 2nd Grader!


My name is Mrs. Funderburg. This is my first year teaching at Harmony Public Schools in Sugarland, TX.

I was born in Tennesse, but I live all over the world because my father was in the USAF. I live in Houston and the name of my neighborhood is the Museum District. I have a BS in Computer Information Systems and a Master's Degree in Educational Technology from Strayer University.


My husband and I have been married for 20 years. I have 5 children and 2 dogs. Chewie is the little boy and Matilda is a large female. They are both registered as emotional support dogs and they help people who are sick or scared.

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Like to know more?

What motivates me?

  • Authentic leadership
  • Open communication
  • Learning opportunities
  • Positive team experience
  • Success oriented
  • Family environment

Need to talk to me?

Cell Phone: (713) 489-5932
Fax: (813) 944-4983
Email: Catherine Funderburg

Full Resume

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